Reiki Level 1 & 2


Curriculum Reiki Level 2

Prema, in Sanskrit, means divine love. This Level 2 Reiki Healing Course includes all of the level 2 reiki training traditional to the Master Mikao Usui Lineage, as well as explorations of this divine love and learning how to channel this loving energy for Reiki healing. If you have completed Level 1 Reiki healing and want to continue your training as a healer, this course is for you.  Marina Frei draws on 35 years of experience in Reiki Healing and holitic health and will show you how todeepen your healing powers and learn how to use yourmind to create and manifest the Universal Energy.

This Level 2 Reiki PremaCourse is a quantum leap forward on your spiritual path, indicating your soul’s desire to be of service to others through sharing unconditional love. During Level 2 Reiki, you will becomeattuned to use the sacred Reiki healing symbolsto do more advanced healing. Through the power of Reiki healing you will be able to address wounds and also safely remove blockages. Initiates of Level 2 Reiki will also be able to use Reiki healing to repair damaged relationships and contribute to efforts of global peace.  Sometimes past events limit our ability to be happy in the present moment, but the Universal love energy of Reiki exists beyond time and space. Level 2 Reiki students will learn how to heal from a distance and how to channel Reiki Energy into the past as well as the future. These Level 2 Reiki techniques help you effectively release blockages from thepast and the future, which ultimately improve your current situation.

In the Level 2 Reiki Prema Healing Course you will learn:

  • Distant/absentee healing

  • Healing deeper traumas, crises or other distraction from the Past

  • Healing relationships

  • Healing situations (personal or global)

  • Healing situations from the past, present or the future

  • Symbol Healing Meditation

In Addition

In addition to studying Reiki healing, during your Level 2 Reiki PremaCourse you may:

  • Join us for a complimentary breakfast every morning

  • Participate in twice daily yoga classes.

  • Have a private life coaching session.

  • Develop your Reiki healing skills with  volunteers.

Curriculum Reiki Level 1

The foundation of this Reiki Healing Course is learning reiki healing means and how to transmit it to yourself and to others.  This course also contains influences from complementary healing practices that differentiate it from the traditional Reiki of Japan.  In addition to traditional Reiki healing practices, this course draws on a background of psychology, science, shamanistic practices, life coaching and many other holistic healing disciplines.

In the Level 1 Reiki Healing Course you will learn:

  • How to practice Reiki healing on yourself

  • History and Philosophy of Reiki Healing

  • Personal experience and discussion

  • How to transmit Reiki healing toothers and help to heal

  • The system of chakras meridians andaura

  • Protection and grounding exercise

  • Side effects and how to interpret health condition

In Addition

In addition to studying Reiki, during your Level 1 Reiki Healing Course you may:

  • Join us for a complimentary breakfast every morning.

  • Participate in twice daily yoga classes.

  • Have a private life coaching session.

  • Develop your Reiki skills with volunteers.