Our Teachers

Christel (German) and Martina (Italian) are the Yoga Teachers at Villa Shanti. Christel teaches the whole year around while Martina is a seasonal teacher at Villa Shanti and is mainly during the Summer month with us. Shortly we will present more Experts for Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Massages. We are holding our classes in Italian, English, and German. 




“Stay in the forward bend Pada Hastasana and it will change your life!” I read this in the first yoga book I picked up in 1995.

I laughed and thought, let’s see! My son was born and I lived in the wonderful but stressful job of a global reporter, desperately looking for an anchor in my restless world.

What followed were several yoga teacher trainings that have changed my life sustainably and my Reiki Master with Marina in Thailand completed the holistic path I am following.

I started my first Yoga Teachers training 20 years ago with Power Yoga inventor Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, California, the yoga guru of stars like Madonna and Sting. Bryan was literally my catapult from the western to the eastern world. Power Yoga was just the beginning that gave me the first access to a very athletic yoga. But that cannot be everything, I thought, and set out for India and Nepal.

In an Ashram in India (Kerala) I graduated in Therapeutic Yoga with Guru Saji. Added to this was another degree in YinYoga and my Reiki Master and latest Flying Yoga or Areal Yoga Teachers Training.

“I have created my own style from this colorful yoga world with many great inspirations, but it always adapts to the group. I like to teach in nature, on beautiful beaches, on magical rocks or in the Yoga Shala of my Villa Shanti on the beautiful Island of Elba where I do live most of the year. ”

I completely turned my life upside down. And I am a very lucky person to discover the healing path of Reiki. First I did heal myself after a heavy riding accident and then I did help my mother with Reiki till she died. To love yourself and heal yourself is incredible important. Only if you love yourself you can give love and healing to others. 

Today I am living on the magical Island of Elba in Toscany.  I opened the first Yoga& Mediation & Reiki Center in January 2018. With an indoor yoga Shala Indian style. The outdoor Yoga Shala surrounded by a beautiful garden with its own vegetables, herbs and citrus fruits is made of wood and at about 7 o’clock in the morning during sun salutation the SUN comes up in all imaginable colours.

It’s a magical place I live with my Italian partner Alberto (great cook). And every morning, when I get up with the sun, I am giving Reiki to my trees, the plants, the animals and human beings. And with gratitude I am bending over- Pada Hastasana !!!



The rebalancing power of yoga has always been my greatest interest in practice. On the advice of a teacher, in 2012 I decided to approach this discipline for reasons of insomnia, back pain and recurrent headaches, resulting from a sedentary job.

Recognising immediately the beneficial effects of constant practice, which over time are increasingly reflected in everyday life, I approach different styles of yoga in search of a sensitive approach that goes beyond the simple postural attitude.

In 2017 I decide to spend a month in Bali to follow a therapeutic yoga teacher training and to deepen the issues related to energy rebalancing through the practice derived from Hatha and Tantra yoga, the knowledge of nutritional and holistic principles and the connection with the natural elements .

This kind of approach, sensitive and organic, leads to develop a careful inner listening that allows you to rebalance your self in a deep and independent way.

In fact, with this practice we are experimenting with how yoga allows us to find the balance in our natural rhythm, constantly following the evolving individual needs, developing a personal attention that leads to harmonize the inner energy through the connection with the natural cycles and the change in the energy of the external world around us.