Slim Detox Yoga Retreat

4 Days

We are offering six Slim & Yin Yoga Sessions each 90 Minutes in three days. This special Yoga is focused on loosing weight and improving the shape of your body. You are toning your body as well as boost your health and your immune system. The Meditation helps to calm down your mind and getting out of stress eating for ever. With silent walks in our beautiful nature and daily swimming in the salt water helps to not only to loose some extra pounds but makes you so happy and brings so much smile on your face that you feel in love with yourself and your surrounding.


Yoga & Zen Meditation

7 Days

Villa Shanti gives you a holistic wellness experience that you’ll just love.  On this retreat we will start early morning with a Zen Mediation, barefoot in the wet grass of our beautiful garden, salutating the sun facing the sea in our wooden outdoor shala.

Walking and swimming on our wonderful beaches with crystal clear water and walking in the magic nature behind our house. An excellent combo to promote a deeper connection with your body, mind and spirit.